Brela, Croatia

I think we can all agree 2020 has just been crazy pants. We actually did a lot of traveling, considering, but for Labor Day weekend we decided to do a legit vacation. A short vacation, but still – sun, beach and dinners out. So we loaded up the car, picked up our negative COVID-19 test results and drove to the Croatian coast.

We spent about 15 minutes checking in and dropping off our bags before heading straight to the water.

Oh man, it was so good to be back! And Rowan was a true champ – even sharing a small Airbnb with her wasn’t terrible.

Brela ended up being super kiddo friendly – almost everyone there was part of a family unit, and the paved path that ran the length of the Makarska Riviera (over 25 miles, though we only enjoyed a very short portion of it) was basically a stroller racetrack.

I mean…

It was super easy to navigate and we had our pick of empty beaches, including the famous Punta Rata.

Rowan was not a fan of the water – next time!

Every direction boasted postcard-worthy scenery.

Baby Rising
How we all felt most of the time.

Both nights involved pizza (for Brendan) and seafood (for me) and Rowan was an absolute champ – she was this happy the entire evening. Win!

See you next time, Brela!

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