COVID19 and Social Distancing

Brendan and I have been prepping for months for the baby, especially when it came to planning and executing my Medevac back to the US for the birth.  I came back a few weeks before Brendan, and after a stay in a hotel, moved into the apartment we’ll be staying at for the duration.  I also picked up a rental car, scheduled multiple get-togethers and began running errands to fill the gaps in needed baby items.

One thing we definitely didn’t see coming was a global pandemic.  When I first arrived in Portland, COVID19 was still a minor news story.  But soon after Brendan arrived from Sarajevo, the US closed its borders to Europe, and limits on gatherings, the closing of restaurants and bars, and #flattenthecurve regulations started coming from the state level (and was most recently acknowledged at the federal level).

So now we’re limited social interactions, shuttling back and forth to doctor appointments and grocery stores, getting out and taking lots of walks (thankfully the weather is cooperating), and settling in for the long haul.

We’re quite fortunate – we’re in a good place for the next couple of months and will be properly distracted for the foreseeable future.  Excited to meet this little girl 🙂

However, many have been terribly effected and layoffs have been coming in waves.  If you can, consider donating to your local food bank and school district (which is probably still serving meals to underprivileged children), donating any unnecessary masks and gloves to medical professionals, tipping your food delivery people a bit extra, and brightening the day of grocery store clerks.  And don’t forget to wash your hands and limit social interactions to help #flattenthecurve!  

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  1. Christy says:

    Congratulations.. I’m so happy for you both.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful life .. it’s been a pleasure… and an inspiration to peak in & take a look at all the amazing places & friendships you’ve so eloquently narrated.

    Enjoy the next big adventure with that little girl.

    Stay well..


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