What a Difference a Year Makes

Well, haven’t I just been the biggest slacker.  I get one little part-time job (that quickly turned into an almost full-time job and is now, thankfully, is back to a part-time job) and all my grand intentions of blogging go right out the window.  But you know what didn’t?  Our constant traveling!  Below are the highlights from the last year, listed as a quick read with lots of pictures.   Hope you enjoy!

Girls trip to Southern Croatia

In late September 2018 (yes, I realize its now 2020), four ladies converged on Dubrovnik, Croatia, for a whirlwind girls trip through the southern region of Croatia:  Brooke from Portland, Oregon; Dominique from the Silicon Valley; and Elise from London, England.  We ate, drank, swam, were absolutely soaked by a water spout, site-saw, and photographed our way through Hvar, Neum, and Dubrovnik before each needed to head back to real life.

Fox Solo Trip:  Back to the US!

In October 2018 I flew back to the states to help Lex fly her two ridiculously adorable kiddos down to Arizona to see her parents, Steve and Jane.  The trip was a whirlwind, with multiple family and friend dates stretching from Arizona and Oregon.

Christmas on the East Coast

Brendan and I spent Christmas 2018 in DC and NY, reconnecting with friends from Sarajevo and family up and down the Eastern Seaboard.  It was such a treat!  Wine tasting, dancing, bowling and general laziness dominated our time – always a win!

Short Trip to England

In March 2019 I ran up to England to spend some time with Elise.  It was a lot of National Trust tours, walking, downtime, Fringe episodes, and just plain hanging out with this lovely lady.

Easter in Istanbul

Long weekend + cheap flights = weekend in Istanbul!  Since we’ve already been, we ended up just enjoying the Karakoy neighborhood and staying in our friend’s fantastic boutique hotel, Inqlusif.  And Brendan even found a copy of his alma mater’s literary review (Kenyon College) from the 1960’s in a tiny basement bookshop.  Total weekend win!

The Quicks Visit Bosnia and Croatia

Look who came to Sarajevo!!  Nathan and Rachelle decided on a trip to London with a wee one-week stop in Sarajevo and Dubrovnik.  Loved getting to show these two around some of my favorite places!

The Schulzes Take the Balkans

Look who else came to Sarajevo!  Mi mama, Peggy, and Aaron flew from Southern Oregon to Sarajevo, via San Francisco, Zurich and Vienna.  We kicked off the trip with a tour of Sarajevo before heading to the Croatian coast.

From Kravica Falls to Split to Hvar and Dubrovnik, then back through Mostar, we took in every site, photo op, and glass of wine possible.  And spent many hours touring small and big villages, taking in the architecture.

It was so fun playing tour guide to these two!

Fox and Porcupine Hit Hvar

Shortly after my parents departed, Brendan and I took off back to Hvar for our own long weekend.  Hvar is our current favorite of the Croatian islands, and this time we focused on boating around the tiny islands off the coast of Hvar City harbor (yes, islands within islands!).

Fox and Porcupine “Ran” the 13 Mile Vucko Trail Run (Sarajevo)

For some insane reason, we decided to sign up for (and then actually participate in) the Vucko Trail Run in early June.  The shortest leg (13km) was straight uphill for three miles before conquering the mountainous Vucko area.  Kicked.  My.  Butt.

Also – sheep!

Italy with the Wilson-Barthes Clan

Brendan’s family visited Tuscany in mid-July so we, of course, crashed joined their trip.  We stayed in a fantastic old villa in Castellina in Chianti and ventured out to explore various surrounding villages throughout the trip, including the UNESCO World Heritage city, San Gimignano.  His parents, Rob and Lucia, and sister, Mercedes, followed us back to Sarajevo for a few days of touring.  It’s great to be able to catch up with our people on this side of the world!


Summer 2019 in Europe was a constant, record-breaking heatwave (including while we were in Italy).  To beat the heat (a bit), Brendan and I again headed to the Croatian coast, this time to the tiny island of Vis.  During WW2, Tito used the island as a command center to plan his Partisan revolt against the Nazis in the Balkans, then kept the island as a military base for the duration of Yugoslavia.  The island was opened back up to the public in 1989 and was recently the set of Mama Mia 2’s great beaches.  We spent the long weekend bopping between a variety of them and harbor-front restaurants.  Can’t wait to go back next summer!

Wine Tasting Through Korcula

I know, I spent way too much time in Croatia this summer.  But every trip had its purpose, and this one was showing Elise the beautiful wine region on the island of Korcula.  We had a blast – from the beaches to wineries to a front-row seat at the local water polo game.  Loved having this lady in my neighborhood again!

Oh Hey!  We’re Pregnant!


We’ll be welcoming this little human into the world late March 2020!

Love These Sarajevo Peeps!

From bottom-left: me, Brendan, Amy, Scott, Nick, Andy and Pinar

This isn’t a traveling episode, but just a nod to the fantastic peeps we’ve been connected within Sarajevo – they make this place great!!

Home Leave:  From New York to Oregon

After two years in Sarajevo, Brendan was eligible for a long vacation so we took advantage of it by flying into New York to see family, then renting a car, driving across the country (and hitting up multiple State / National Parks and amazing friends along the way) to Oregon.

For some reason, I completely forgot to take pictures in Oregon!  Total fail on my part, but we hit up Southern Oregon to see family and Portland for a week with friends.  It was a great break!

Dawn Marie Drops into Sarajevo


Dawn Marie found herself in London with a couple free days on her hands, so, naturally, she caught the new direct flight to Sarajevo to come play with us!  We hit up a few of my favorite local spots, and Dawn Marie spent a day taking the train to Mostar, before heading back to London.

Marine Ball 2019

2019 Christmas Market #1:  Vienna, Austria

Since our travel is about to be severely impacted, we decided to take advantage of this holiday season and see a few regional Christmas and Advent Markets.  First up – Vienna!  One of Europe’s largest, it had multiple markets throughout the city along with famed museums and palaces.  Oh, and gluten-free pork schnitzel at the amazing Restaurant Fuhrich.

2019 Christmas Market #2:  Prague, Czech Republic

Next up, Prague!  I love this city – it’s one of the few left in which you can still get lost in its Old Town.  And during December it’s decorated to the nines for Christmas.  Also, who knew Prague was the astronomical capital of Europe during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries?  Not us!  We had a great time touring the observation tour and astronomical library and clock.  Highly recommend!

2019 Christmas in Sarajevo

You know what the amazing thing is about being preggers during the holidays?  All the dinner party goodies and baked goods excused away by the claims of eating for two!

Up until this point we had been content to not know if Baby WB was a boy or girl.  Our doctor knew, but we just hadn’t decided if we wanted to know.  Even so, I was convinced it was a boy.  Just knew it deep, deep down in my soul.  We had a boy’s name picked out and everything.

Well, the waiting got to us so we had our doctor write the baby’s sex down and seal it in an envelope, which we opened on Christmas Morning.  We’re having… a GIRL.  It took both of us a few days to wrap our heads around that, and we’re super excited!  (Although, as I type this, she’s due in less than two weeks and we still don’t have a name.  Sigh.)

2019 Christmas Market #3:  Graz, Austria, and Ljubljana, Slovenia

We finished up the holiday season with a road trip from Sarajevo to Graz, Austria, then to Ljubljana and back to Sarajevo.  Graz was a bit of a ghost town (it may have had to do with our timing – we arrived on New Years Day), but Slovenia was a total gem.  On our way from Graz to Ljubljana, we stopped and drove around the amazing Lake Bled.  And while Graz was sleepy, Ljubljana was in fully Christmas Market merriment.  Oh, and a delicious little hole-in-the-wall taco bar called Patron.  Which we ate at both nights.  Holy buckets, I miss great tacos!  This little town will definitely be a repeat!




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