Račišće, Korčula Island (Croatia)

I promise – we do not spend all our time on vacation.  Brendan works his tail off at his day job, and my days and weeks are filled so full I rarely have downtime.  So we take advantage of every possible weekend away, especially during the summer months, and especially while we’re only three hours from the amazing Croatian coast.

Račišće, Korčula Island, Croatia
The lovely little town of Račišće

Which is exactly what we did (again) towards the end of August.  Brendan was craving some complete downtime – absolutely nothing planned – so we decided on the Croatian island Korčula, off the southern portion of the country’s coastline, near the island of Hvar.  We wanted a little apartment, preferably in a sleepy village with private water access and at least one restaurant.  Enter Ante’s place in Račišće, a great little town tucked into a cove about 20 minutes west of Korčula Town.

Račišće, Korćula Island, Croatia
Views of Račišće out our front door

It. Was. Perfect.  We spent multiple days sprawled on our private pier soaking in the sun, reading books and jumping in the water when the day got too hot.

Račišće, Korćula Island, Croatia
Our private swimming dock!

We did make one venture to the island’s claim to fame, Korčula Town.

Korčula Town, Croatia
Korčula Town

One would think spending time in so many Venitian walled cities on the Adriatic would cause them to blur together, and almost jade travelers to the never-ending rotation up and down the coast.  But it doesn’t!  They’re all so unique, and Korčula Town was no exception.

Korčula, Croatia

Designed and built with a herringbone pattern, Korčula Town’s layout allows for cooling breezes in the summer, but wards off cold streams in the winter – quite ingenious.  We had a great time exploring all the city’s alleyways and shopping the little boutiques.

Korčula Town, Croatia

Crkva Gospojine in Korčula Town, Croatia
Loved the mosaics of Gospojine Crkva (Gospojine Church)
Korčula Town, Croatia
Hello Cutie
Korčula Town
Looking back on Korčula Town from Massimo Bar, nestled on top of the city walls

On one of our last days, we decided to leave our lovely little bay in Račišće and search out an actual beach.

Korčula Island, Croatia
Driving the spine of Korčula Island and taking in the northern views of Pelješac Peninsula, resting in front of Hvar Island and the distant Croatian mainland

We climbed to the top of the island mountain range than pretty much drove straight south to an area with a plethora of beaches, coves and bays to choose from.

Pupnatska Luka, Korcula, Croatia
Swimming at Pupnatska Luka, a bay on the south side of Korcula

Pupnatska Luka fit the bill – mostly deserted with crystal clear blue water.  Seriously, there is no bad swimming on the Adriatic!

Račišće, Korčula Island, Croatia
Cemetery between Račišće, and the city of Korčula

Before heading out to our last island dinner, we hit the trails around Račišće to get in one last run (we were training for a marathon, after all), and came across more gorgeous scenery.

Korcula Island, Croatia
Running through ancient terraced hillsides.

I mean, it’s ridiculous.  The run and fresh seafood dinner was an excellent finish to our last summer weekend away together.  Bring on the cold!

Korcula Island, Croatia
Our last evening out, just before Sunset

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