A Long Weekend in Split

Sometimes you just have to get away.  Sometimes, when you’re living in a foreign country, you have to take advantage of a local holiday weekend and get out there and explore.  And sometimes, you take a road trip to do both.

Road Trip to Split, Croatia
This about sums us up.

We had an unexpected long weekend and hightailed it to the Croatian coastal town of Split.

Split, Croatia

Split is just your average beautiful, ancient coastal town boasting a walled city, incredible architecture, dozens of beach-facing cafes and bars, robust shopping and a killer clock tower view.

Cathedral Clock Tower in Split, Croatia
View from the Cathedral Clock Tower in the walled city.

Almost every alleyway revealed hidden treasures, including tucked away fountains and wall art.

Split, Croatia

Oh, and this guy:

Split, Croatia

When do we move?

Split, Croatia

And how fantastically vintage-holiday does this all look??  (All of these photos are unedited…for better or worse).  Our hotel wasn’t too shabby, either.  We spent our last hours poolside, hopping between it and the pebbly beach.

Split, Croatia

We also had a 4 am phone call our last morning in Split (yuck time zones), but the upside was getting to take in a morning sunrise on the Adriatic.

Sunrise in Split
Sunrise from our hotel in Split

Also – fresh seafood is the bomb.

Split, Croatia

Can’t wait to come back!  It’s happening.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Mama says:

    I want to go here too. Oh my gosh I love that first pic of you two in the car!


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