Pennsylvania & New York

We’ve spent a lot of time exploring the Pacific Northwest – from the Olympic National Forest to the Oregon Coast – and have been wanting to do the same for New England, but timing had been a challenge.  When Brendan’s friend, Cary, announced he was getting married in Pittsburgh at the end of October, we decided to tack on a couple days driving through upstate Pennsylvania and New York.  The wedding was a raging success – happy couple, excellent food and drinks, and a full night of shaking our booties on the dance floor.  We even snuck in a quick gondola ride mid-festivities.

We had such a great time reconnecting with these awesome peeps!

We set out from Pittsburgh Sunday morning and drove up through the Allegheny National Forest to New York.

(Also, this 80’s-focused diner/pizzeria could not be passed up.)

After grabbing lunch, we drove the length of Letchworth State Park.  Holy buckets, this place is incredible!  The photos (of course) do not do it justice.  We will be returning in slightly better weather to thoroughly explore the hiking trails, lodges, and ravines.

Monday morning we stopped in Skaneateles for coffee and baked goods.  Its my new favorite small town – perched at the tip of the lake, charming downtown, and adorable homes.

We explored the numerous small towns of the Finger Lakes area on our way to Ithaca, and when we arrived, wound our way through Cornell University.

As we left town, Buttermilk Falls begged us to stop for a quick hike.  Established, stone steps made for easy access up one side, and trails along the hilltop provided a scenic walk back to the car.

One more stop was in order before the straight-shot back to Pittsburgh, and Taughannock Falls State Park was an easy pic.

unnamed (27)

The gorgeous Taughannock Falls, the largest waterfall east of the Mississippi, was the perfect final photo of the trip.

October 2017

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mama says:

    Enjoying your adventures and the photos! Especially of Brendan!


  2. alexis says:

    It isn’t a gondola… it’s an Incline… PA’ers are proud of our inclines!


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