Milan, Italy

Our one year anniversary was spent apart – Brendan was in Europe for work and I was gearing up for a girls’ trip to Italy and England.  We were debating when to celebrate and an idea entered our brains.  Why not meet up for a weekend in Milan before my girlfriends arrived?

unnamed (1)

So we did!

unnamed (2)

We arrived Friday evening and both left on Sunday, so we were left with Saturday – and we packed it in (after I slept in until noon – super helpful).  We walked all over the city, taking in sites from the cathedral to the Galleria.

One of my favorite paintings is The Kiss, by Francesco Hayez.  I knew it was somewhere in Milan, but since we only had one day it was of low priory.  But then we rounded a corner and found ourselves in front of Pinacoteca di Brera, the gallery housing the painting.  Best coincidence eva.

The graffiti on the right is on the side of a building, across the street from the gallery.  It might be better than the original…

That evening we went out to dinner, then strolled back to the hotel through the lit-up sites.

It was brief, but 100% worth it.  And since we’ve now kicked off the first and second marital years in Italy, I feel it should be a tradition.

Brendan has the skeps.

September 2017

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