Camping – Mt. Hood, Oregon


Camping is not really my thing.  I like it, and when I go I have a great time, but I’m rarely the person suggesting it as a weekend activity.  But this summer the lure of sleeping on the ground and coffee in the early morning mist was too great even for me to ignore.  Brendan, on the other hand, is Mr. Camping.  He has explored some of the Pacific Northwest’s most beautiful, remote locations with his backpack.  When I suggested we go, he took care of everything, from the route to the equipment.  I took care of the food.


We decided to head up to Mt. Hood National Forest and explore a bit, and ended up on a back dirt road, crawling along White River south of the mountain.  To our surprise, there were a number campsites tucked in along the river, most of them empty.

We snatched up this gem.  It was kind of perfect – a beautiful site with a charming river surrounded by tall evergreens.

We only spent one night, but this handsome guy ensured it was everything we wanted – even early morning coffee in the mist!

Too soon we packed up to head out.  We remembered an antique shop / ice cream parlor we passed outside of Hood River, and since antique shops and ice cream parlors are one of the world’s best combinations, we made a beeline straight there.

The lovely owners behind the counter take the best vanilla ice cream they can find and “blend” it with fresh berries from the region.  This combination creates the most delicious soft serve on the planet.  The entire planet.

This camping adventure was a huge success!  And definitely on the agenda for next summer.

August 2017

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  1. Mama says:

    This sounds like a perfect way to camp. Especially the “Brendan took care of everything” part. Nothing beats sleeping outdoors along water!


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