Reykjavik & Copenhagen

When one of your best friends decides to get married in Copenhagen over the 4th of July weekend, you take advantage of the excuse and embrace any and all layovers in beautiful Reykjavik and your short time in Denmark.

Obligatory PDX Airport Pic

We didn’t realize we booked a 16 hour layover when we purchased the inexpensive tickets on WOW Airlines, but it ended up being a delightful detour.

We landed mid-afternoon and took a 90-minute bus into the city center.  Brendan found us a great hotel, and after checking in we strolled around the city center.

We found dinner at a great little cafe/pub about a block up from the hotel, and were able to grab a few hours sleep before heading back to the airport for the second leg of our flight.

unnamed (10)
Landing in Copenhagen

unnamed (14)Copenhagen is exactly how I pictured it – quaint and colorful.

We had a great time seeing old (and new) friends, hanging out with the happy couple, and celebrating throughout our time in the city.

(Nice to know Oregon wines are enjoyed the world round!)

Too quick of a trip, but great memories!

July 2017

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