Mt. Baker & Mt. Shuksan, Washington

Some weekends just beg for road trips.  We are road-trippers to the core, so as the (rare) snow storm let up in Portland, we piled our snowshoes and puff jackets in the car and headed north to the Mt. Baker area of the Snoqualmie National Forest in Washington State for a weekend of outdoor fun.


Even though I lived in Seattle for five years, I had never visited this area – opting instead to head due east or bypass it entirely for Vancouver, B.C..  What a gem I missed!

This place is unbelievably beautiful.  On Saturday, we snowshoed the hills of Mt. Baker, skirting the ski slopes (which boasted fresh powder, beautiful scenery, and a lovely lack of crowds) to reach the summit of Artist Point:

unnamed (1)

Can you believe this view?  It was the steepest, sweatiest climb of my snowshoe life and 100% worth it.

unnamed (6)

On our way home, we decided to take the scenic tour and inadvertently ended up on Snoqualmie Falls – a lucky find for a Twin Peaks fan like Brendan.

We finished the trip navigating a snow storm roaring through Snoqualmie Pass, crossing the Columbia River, and dodging ice blocks tumbling down I-84.  Perfect end to an adventurous weekend.

Jan 2017

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